Chase Portraits

Matt and I were trying out a new lighting setup and used Chase as our model, and what a good model he is!  All it takes is patience and some good treats!

07. November 2011 by M&L Photography
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Matthew Lindsay Photography

A new image for our company is in the works. M & L Photography will soon be Matthew Lindsay Photography. Here is a preview of a few business cards being made and stay tuned for the updated website for Matthew Lindsay Photography!

05. November 2011 by M&L Photography
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Happy Halloween!


31. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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Food Truck Frenzy

Food trucks from all over South Florida came to amass in an empty parking lot that is home to a Publix shopping center. The three dozen-or-so trucks formed a ring that allowed you to circle the worldly creations of Cuban sandwiches, Latin burgers, Italian pasta, and Mediterranean shawarmas, but seeing them all in one spot kind of took something away. To me, one of the fun things about roach coaches is that it gives you a little secret to share with everyone. I would tell people, “Hey, you know where the best tacos are?” “No, where?” they would ask with excitement. “Off the side of the road, from a small truck, 15 miles west on Northlake Boulevard.” And while they just stare blankly at me, I take it as a cue to reply with a reassuring “trust me.” But, to be fair, 30 different food trucks parked in a single spot is certainly convenient.

While walking around this Disneyland of rolling kitchens, my senses were assaulted and deceived. Conversations were hard to hear over the clattering generators. The smells of all those great foods: fresh baked pizza being pulled out of the oven, steaks marinated and seasoned grilling to perfection were interrupted with waves of exhaust fumes. As I tried to rely on my vision, my eyes were more distracted by the myriad of fonts, menus, and advertising rather than the food. By the time I paid for my $11 shawarma, plus another $2 for a can of Sprite, the buzz of the food frenzy turned into food apathy, but it didn’t kill the spirit. After my shawarma, I desperately wanted to try some of the other trucks, but my meal was too big. I suggested to a couple of friends that perhaps they could come up with a $30 dollar ticket where you could go to each truck for a little sample.

Despite these small annoyances, I still had a great time. Though I was full, deaf and lightheaded, I realized the most important thing was the shared experience. Being with friends, hangin’ out, joking around, and talking about people and ideas made it worth it. It was easy to see others were enjoying the frenzy as well.


29. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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Delray Beach Wedding

Aubrey and Denny got married at Atlantic Dunes Park in Delray Beach followed by a reception with family and friends at the Sundy House. It was a windy day with a chance of rain but that didn’t let them spoil their fun!

26. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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Apple Hand Pies

To get in the spirit of fall, I attempted to make a recipe i found for Apple Hand Pies. Typically my attempts to bake something new ends up with something going wrong…usually its me not having all the ingredients or forgetting a step to the recipe. But I think this one was a success. They even got the okay from Matt.

21. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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Zombie Walk

People covered in (fake) blood, carrying limbs (and drinks), stumbling and growling, an estimated 600 zombies walked several city blocks past rows of bars and mainly through busy nighttime traffic, during the Green Room’s Zombie Walk, in Fort Lauderdale. It was quite the experience seeing the spectrum of the lively corpses that came from as far away as Naples, FL. Some where nice, some were silent, some terrifying and some didn’t mind posing for portraits. As far as I could tell there was only one small group defending the city against the massive undead horde of drunken zombies. I hope they were okay. Godspeed.




15. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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Dew drops on my Desert Rose flowers one morning…

13. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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[Insert Witty Bowling Title Here]

I showed up a little early to an assignment at a bowling alley..


12. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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Palm Beach and Crayons

I had an assignment over in Palm Beach yesterday, so after that I headed over to the Worth Ave area for about an hour to try out some street shooting. I was hoping to capitalize on the 30 mph gusts of wind – just wishing for something interesting, but since it was an early Sunday, there wasn’t too many people out there other than a guy who I have to admit, was an expert a reading a newspaper in high wind situations.  After that, I headed down to Delray Beach, for the Crayola Crayon exhibition at the Cornell Museum. In addition to my normal gear I was shooting with my iPhone. I got a couple of  strange looks since I had my cameras over each shoulder and there I was composing with an iPhone. The Crayon Castle was built with 1,484 crayons. They had a contest to see who could guess the number of crayons. The winner was a six year old who got the exact number. Pretty Cool.



10. October 2011 by M&L Photography
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